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hello all! i’m gonna try commissions (again ahaha)

samples without text on them are here on my artists&clients page! (also: go there if you wanna commission me!!)

more info can be found on a&c too, but basic rundown is:

  • two styles of commissions are available right now! black and white, and flat colors!
  • i’ll draw both human and anthro characters — the slots are separate just to keep me organized!!
  • i’ll draw both canon characters and ocs! just have some good reference pics either way please!
  • no nsfw/excessive gore please! i also cannot draw complex robots/mecha worth a darn so i won’t be offering that, sorry!!!

turnaround should be within a week, i’m keeping my numbers fairly low as i try to figure out this site and also commissions in general!

feel free to send me any questions!!!!

(also i feel like i should apologize for my ocs being such fashion disasters ahaha…)

i feel like this should also be on my art blog so here we go

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